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Our Campaign is LIVE!!

Please help us bring the joy of learning to more people!

Welcome to Taam HaTorah!

Where Gemara is ENJOYED!

Taam HaTorah

Enjoy Learning. Enjoy Life.


Do you wish that you would enjoy learning Gemara?


Do you want to help your son or talmid enjoy his learning?


Discover how to use SPIY, an easy, four-step technique, to enjoy EVERY Gemara.


NEW: Interactive Email Course

Discover how to enjoy every Gemara with this interactive course.

Course Outline

Intro Video : Strategic Enjoyment

Course Videos:

1 - Obstacles to pleasure

2 - In the shoes of the Amoraim

3 - The missing ingredient

4 - Where it all begins

5 - Behind the scenes

6 - WWIS

7 - News

8 - Owning It

9 - SPIY

10 - Lumdus

How it works :

- Ten videos are sent by email directly to you (one per day).

- Each video concludes with a short question or exercise.


- After receiving your response the next email will be sent.

No risk - Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

For ages 18+


Rabbi Dov Rockove 


Originally from Queens, New York and now living in Eretz Yisroel, Rabbi Rockove serves as a Shoel Umaishiv at Yeshivas Arzei Levanon (Rabbi Sussman's Yeshiva) in Yerushalayim.

Watch the free Intro-Video!


If you ever wanted to know how to love Gemara...

Rav Ezriel Mandel

Just wanted to say thank you!
It's been over a year, and my learning is on a whole other level and so enjoyable because of this method.

Eli Gobioff

I absolutely love the way Taam Hatorah approaches learning!
The questions really force me to think to the best of my ability. 
The technique implemented teaches how to approach a Sugya so that one develops clear thinking and a love for learning.

R' Mordechai Moshe Mandel

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